About the NTA

The Northwest Turfgrass Association (NTA) Board of Directors is committed to serving its local chapters (IEGCSA, OGCSA, and WWGCSA), funding meaningful research/learning projects that are designed to benefit turf managers in the Pacific Northwest, and supporting the Turfgrass Research Programs at O.S.U. and W.S.U.

Golf courses in the Pacific Northwest continue to face many challenges, including environmental concerns regarding the use of pesticides, water issues, and wildlife habitat concerns. The need for research on these issues, as well as many others, continues to grow in importance.

The NTA is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization of golf course superintendents and turfgrass professionals that was established in 1947. In 1997, the NTA formed the Turfgrass Universities Research Fund (T.U.R.F.) to provide funding for Education, Research, and Scholarship for the “Betterment of Golf.” Since then, T.U.R.F. has contributed over $740,000 to research and education projects that improve turf quality and the overall playing conditions of the game. Click here to see T.U.R.F. Funding History. This year alone, T.U.R.F. is committed to funding $60,000 for our research programs and specific projects that will benefit the golf industry in the Northwest.

Funding for turfgrass research is important now more than ever, especially as universities face extensive budget cuts. We hope that you and your golf club/course/company will join the others who already contribute to T.U.R.F.

Who are the Individuals, Clubs, and Companies Contributing to T.U.R.F?

  • Top 10 PNW Clubs Contributing to T.U.R.F. since 1997
  • Affiliate Companies Supporting T.U.R.F. through Sponsorship

How do I Contribute to the Turfgrass Universities Research Fund?

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